Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid
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The indie bundle for Palestinian Aid has 1000+ projects for $5+, with the possibility of more to come, is up and available until this Friday, June 11. The bundle's featured game is Liyla, a game based on actual events about a little girl in Gaza during the war in 2014. It also includes games like Mini Metro, VVVVVV, Pikuniku, Orwell and Calico, among many, many others.

PS: This bundle is not short in LGBT-friendly games but if you want more, check out the Queer Games Bundle 2021, with 236 items for $60 (or $10+)
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This list is conflated with I think an earlier BLM bundle (there's some overlap but some games in it may not be in the current bundle), in case you're looking for a curated list of things to check out. I haven't played them all, but I do note which ones I have, it's partly a "things that sound interesting so I will check them out later."
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Thanks for posting this! Great cause in urgent times, with all profit going to UNRWA.
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Also, as in the thread for the bundle for racial justice and equality, advice as to which games to download is appreciated!
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Random Bundle Game can help you choose a random game to play out of the bundle, as well as slice and dice both the current Palestinian Aid bundle and last year's Black Lives Matter bundle to figure out what you might be interested in. Incidentally, it says the number of games included in both bundles is 236, so there actually isn't a lot of overlap!

I can 100% recommend Pikuniku, I played it on Switch a while back and it's just a very pleasant and funny game that should work for pretty much everyone, but especially if you hate late-stage capitalism! Mini Metro is also a great game about building a transit system, abstracted all the way down to the barest essence.
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Oh nice, I wasn't keen on the idea of a random pick, but it's worth emphasizing that Random Bundle Game has an option to browse and apply filters.
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The history of the UNWRA (wiki).
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Glad to have been able to contribute Mixolumia to this!
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@spacetwinks: nyohkay, here comes my rec thread for the itchio palestine bundle.
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davejh, your game looks awesome -- I'm in!
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This is more games than anyone could be expected to shake a stick at, but I heartily recommend Sokobond, Vignettes, GNOG, A Mortician's Tale, Oxenfree, Minit, and Night in the Woods.

Also, you can just pick something randomly, give it a try and if it's not your thing, delete it and try again. If you do like it, let the developer know.
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Breakfast Cult is a neat FATE Accelerated-based RPG about an anime highschool for kids learning Occult Science, where the default scenario is that your group is in detention and you've just discovered that somebody's about to let the outside things in and destroy the world. Fun stuff!
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I got this but I haven't played any yet because I thought the itch app would make it easy to browse download and play like Steam. No such luck. There's a few impediments there.
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Random bundle game... sort by tag... not alphabetical?
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Pikuniku is thematically the anti-Animal Crossing.
posted by acb at 1:25 AM on June 7 [1 favorite] recently ran an article regarding places online where one can buy tabletop RPGs, and was one that they mentioned. For those having issues with the search capabilities of the site, know that you're not alone: " is now the epicenter of a modern renaissance in indie TTRPGs...Bear in mind, however, that Itch is very much the Wild West...there’s no system to efficiently browse...on Itch."

And it's true! There is a mind-boggling wealth of material on the site, mostly video games, but also TTRPGs, comics, apps, unclassifiable stuff. Plus the occasional bundle like the one in this (very much appreciated) post. But it's a gigantic headache trying to navigate the site. My favorite "feature" is that in some cases, if you've purchased something that later gets revised, you'll get an email updating you about the revision, with a hotlink that takes you to a page on itch...where you can't actually download the updated files. Make me want to chew my own foot off.
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Thanks to Mini Metro, I have gotten nothing done today. Not a damn thing.
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I adore Mini Metro. It's the strategy game for when you feel overwhelmed by strategy games.
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Hmm. Ive never bought anything like this before but I was so jealous of everyone who got that last giant bundle, so I just purchased this one. I now realize I have nooooo idea how to actually make these games work on my computer.
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@silverstatue - Download the client from here

You still need to browse through your bundle purchase link. Click on the main download button (not the individual file downloads) of anything you think is interesting, then it will show up in the app's library page. From there you can easily install stuff.
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This itchio palestine bundle will only be available for another 24 hours from now, get your orders in.
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The bundle just got updated to add 250+ games, including Celeste and Baba is You.
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The organizers have, thus far, raised $768,047.89. Incredible!
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It jumped from 34 pages to 43 pages in the last 24 hours. :)
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Cantrip is excellent.
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