Variety’s Power of Pride 2021 List
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Variety’s Power of Pride List is a celebration of community and of change makers, placing a rainbow-hued spotlight on LGBTQ+ entertainers who use their power to promote inclusion.
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Nice to see Elliot Page on there.
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where's Janelle Monae?
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Got pretty close to the bottom before seeing Patti Harrison, was about to come back here to complain. Her Instagram stories and Tik Tok are fantastic bits of absurdism, and her Nilla Wafers/Chips Ahoy bit (not linking because of parody transphobia, biphobia, etc) was IMO easily the best thing to happen on Twitter this year (faint praise), A+ corporate pride month send-up, totally worth the permaban.
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Variety Power of Pride Honorees on Why LGBTQ Visibility Is Needed — and Why It Can Be Dangerous Hour-long video roundtable with a few people from the list.
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