The Football Prospectus is up and running.
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The Football Prospectus is up and running. The good folks who work on the Baseball Prospectus have turned their attention to NFL. This is their inaugural effort. Their contrarian thinking and in-depth statistical analysis has (slowly) started to creep its way into MLB coverage. Can their unique take and historical perspective change football's conventional wisdom as well?
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(I've taken the liberty of posting a "yawn" to save Meta's non-sports fans the trouble of having to do it.)
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Perhaps more effective on Sportsfilter, where they're also discussing the baseball strike.
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Here's the direct link to the related SportsFilter thread.
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this'll be a good read. the rigorous, statistical research into baseball over at baseball prospectus is very refreshing, although occasionally nagging. you learn some things that you never knew (for example, that most running backs decline after a season in which they carry the ball more than 375 times.
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What a jerkface.

(I've taken the liberty of posting of "What a jerkface." to save the MeFi users who don't offhandedly insult the hobbies of other users the trouble.)

(And I'm not even a sports fan!)
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A followup -- as someone who doesn't follow sports, can someone explain this project to me? The Sportsfilter link had a short explanation, but not enough to really stir my comprehension.
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Woo hoo! Thanks for the link, Hercster!
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pro football prospectus is a publication dedicated to statistical analysis of the game of professional football. many football analyses are anecdotal ("he throws like john elway, so i think he's gonna be good") or otherwise vague. these people want to dispel the mystery and try to explain why teams and players succeed by their statistics.
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Ok, got it. You know, the first time I ever felt like I might enjoy watching baseball was when hearing about how Steven Jay Gould liked it because it was statistical...
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