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Thomas Frank lays it down for you again, anyone still yearning for a more unfettered free market. via anfin
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So, too, with Glassman. Instead of being required to write, "I will not confuse libertarian hallucinations with practical investment advice" 36,000 times, he was indulged with a seat on President Bush's 21st Century Workforce Council.

Thomas Frank has a way with words. I do think he gives some of the pundits a little too much credit for shaping public opinion, though. The pundits might like to see themselves as dams or breakwaters corralling the tides of public opinion, but I see them more as white-water rafters frantically paddling along to follow these tides. Instead of providing new information, many of them seem to simply to spit our own views back to us in a way that seems to give them meaning. Many of them, but not all of them, fortunately.

That said, I really enjoyed the article and thought it made a lot of persuasive points. Thanks for the excellent link, engelr!
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"Maybe this is what happens to a country when commentary on matters economic becomes the exclusive province of business thinkers."


Good links.
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