Gary Condit's wife suing the National Enquirer.
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Gary Condit's wife suing the National Enquirer. Condit. Tabloid. Condit. Tabloid. There's so much to hate in this story.... yay?
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Not of course, that I actually hate Gary Condit, and especially not that I actually hate his wife, who of course if for any reason he should be hiring a lawyer she might want to consider a divorce attorney... or should she?

Unfortunately the Washngton Post took the link down, but I was going to ask is this a valid suit, or similar in comparison to Bob Barr suing Larry Flynt for defamation of character? The difference to me is fact and hearsay.

Personally, I consider anything that might eventually lead to the financial destruction of any magazine available at the register of the checkout line good, be it the Enquirer, Cosmo, or even friggin' Disney Adventures. Make more room for candy.
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Oh, and yes, I know I made a slight boo-boo: the story's about a lawsuit againt the Star, the lawsit against the Enquirer is mentioned after-the-fact.

I've made my mistakes, and it's time to move on for the good of the country and the people of California. I'm very sorry, it was an easy line.
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I find it fascinating that I learn about these "libelous" accusations when the mainstream media picks up the story that the public figure files the lawsuit. If the she was indeed libelled, the press surrounding her wanting $25MM between the Star and Natl Enquirer will bound to bring the story's attention to those at the Modesto country club.

Learning this about Mrs. Condit does not change my opinion of her. Her husband's deeds and her "stand by her man" attitude was the basis of my opinion of her.

And considering the source, I don't know if it has the same libelous consequences being printed the New York Times. Next thing your going to tell me the Star's sister publication libeled batboy when they reported batboy is madly in love with jenna bush.[link to weekly world news, no username/password req]
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The statements "could falsely convey to the reader that (Carolyn Condit) is an intemperate hothead who will do or say anything to get the attention of her husband and who acts wildly out of control," the lawsuit said.

I don't know. Threatening to kill yourself, trashing the family house and seeking counseling. These all would seem like pretty sane things to be doing after being married to Gary Condit for a while...
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They certainly don't look very sad on that photograph.
Would the word cynical evoke any associations here?
Or proud?
But maybe MetaFilter should be careful too ...
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Condit. Tabloid. Condit. Yahoo. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.
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