"I create mostly by weaving materials found in nature."
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Charlie Baker is an artist and builder that makes many kinds of structures and art pieces out of woven branches. He was recently interviewed by Wired [YT] as part of their Obsessed video series.
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Very cool.

Also indicative of someone who pays others to clean.
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How would you like to live in Andy Goldsworthy's head? That's what these seem like.
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How do you get the cat hair and crumbs out?
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Metafilter: indicative of someone who pays others to clean
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There's a whole movement of post-Goldsworthy artists doing these sorts of things (here in Kentucky, our Bernheim Forest has a piece by Californian Jayson Fann) . . . what strikes me is how they're taking that aesthetic and making more permanent pieces, more about the object and less about the place and the passage of time . . .
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I had not heard of him before, but Charlie Baker sounds able.

C’mon, who doesn’t dig a WWII radio alphabet joke?
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I confused him with Patrick Dougherty for a second. I like the nest a lot.
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Awesome! forbiddencabinet, thanks so much for posting, pretty much describes (some of) what I do (but I'd hate to be filmed doing it!); I tell people I want their mess, if they've had a fire, a storm, bought a property in a terrible mess, or have a puzzlingly large area of broken concrete, to call me first and let me see what how I can reuse (or exploit, e.g. if a former building ruin can be proven it can make building easier/possible), even patches of weed trees can have legal value.

* It was 2000m² of concrete rectangles on a site that floods (often now), client wanted to demolish (for an overnight RV park) but I just had broken bits removed and replaced with plants/seats/bbqs/screens. The concrete is good as they would have used asphalt which tends to float when inundated. And it saved (many) a ton of carbon and energy.
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