August 18, 2002
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Dasht-e-Leili. Is it a remote desert site where the Taliban buried their massacre victims? Or is it where the United States' allies buried theirs? Or is no one to blame?
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Look about 9 posts down. Someone beat you to this.
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From January, 2002

...Many of the prisoners were transported to Shibarghan in sealed metal containers. According to a witness cited in the New York Times, troops opened fire on some of the containers as the convoy halted overnight at Qala Zeina outside the city of Mazar-e-Sharif. The source said he had seen "three or four bullet-ridden containers and blood running from them." Even Dostum’s own intelligence chief Usman Khan admits that 43 died en route either of asphyxiation or wounds...


...An Afghan general, whose identity has been disguised, explained what happened on the journey from Zeini to the prison. He tells Doran: 'We worked together, loading and unloading the containers. There were around 200, maybe up to 300 in each. In total, we took about 25 containers from Zeini to Scheberghan.'

The heat was unbearable and the Taliban prisoners began to cry out for air and water. An anonymous Afghan soldier explains how the Northern Alliance catered for their suffering prisoners. 'I hit the containers with bullets to make holes for ventilation,' he said. 'Some of them were killed inside the containers and then we sent them on to Scheberghan...'
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