"she is lonely, and skeptical of my ability to ease her loneliness"
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"Unit Two Does Her Makeup" by Laura Duerr (published this year): "She is smiling, but I see and catalog and evaluate thousands of smiles every day. Hers is tentative." "Maslow's Howitzer" by Miriam Oudin (previously): "I shipped from the factory with several hundred variations of the offer I was about to make." Two fun scifi stories about robots figuring out how to fulfill their needs -- in caring for themselves and for others.
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"Your robot sister is pissy about your makeup, and threw shade at you, and now you want to quit?” LOL.

The Maslow story is very sweet.
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That was surprisingly good.
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If I could just stop at the two stories posted...
I'll never get to bed before midnight.

dream read on

Thank you, brainwane
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"Unit Two Does Her Makeup" is also available in audio; I was wrong and it was not originally published this year. It was originally published by Escape Pod in 2017.
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