Zelda and Chill.
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What if Link took a day off from trying to save the world and laid down some super chill lo-fi hiphop beats? You'd probably get something like Zelda and Chill and its sequel.
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(oh, and here's a lofi remix of my favorite piece of Zelda music, the original game over theme. Though of course, nothing can top the Brierized version...)
posted by kaibutsu at 1:47 AM on December 26, 2021

I've been listening to this all morning as I work, and I look forward to playing it for my son sometime in the morning, when I usually play my despised "nineteen-hundred-ancient-times music" (that is, anything created before the year 2000). Thank you!
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Happy Zelda Day! My own contribution is forthcoming....
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I was worried that this was another euphemism for a late-night sex visit….
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My son is a video game music aficionado, and he is pleased to see this one getting your attention. It's been part of his bedtime mix for years.
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