Queen Clarinet
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"I wasn’t interested in jazz at all. You know, the jazz clarinetists that I had heard, like George Lewis and others, I appreciated their tones and I respected them, but that was not my concept of tone at all. Their styles at the time were against what I was studying, trying to get a perfect classical clarinet tone." from Ben Redwine's interview with Doreen Ketchens

Doreen Ketchens, busking ("House of the Rising Sun") or playing with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra ("Just a Closer Walk With Thee"), is A Brilliant Jazz Clarinetist From New Orleans
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I'd seen video of her busking before, but she absolutely slays with the Philharmonic. She is so far out of their league it's embarrassing. Incredible playing.
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Thank you for posting! I too saw her busking video a few days ago, and YES, yess, ohhellYES.
I tried to go directly to her website but my browser won't allow it, if anyone can recommend how to access it safely I'd appreciate.
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Yes! This woman is an amazing clarinetist! Her chops are mind boggling! The clarinet has been my favorite instrument since I first heard a Benny Goodman recording, when I was eight years old!
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Love this! So much fun to see what real musicians can do with the clarinet, which was the quintessentially under-appreciated and badly-played instrument in my high school band. These clips remind me of the first time I heard a clarinet played well and understood what was possible.
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