Nobody near me here, but rats, and they are fine stealthy secret fellows
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(CW - rats) Dickens picked up on the qualities of HEROrats a while back, it seems. Magawa was a very fine fellow and even won a gold medal for being a fine stealthy and secret public servant. More about the organisation who trained Magawa. More about Magawa's folks.
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Let’s say it: They’re good boys and girls.
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Look at those marvelous rats!
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Come on, people, this post has been up for almost 7 hours, and we only have 2 jokey comments (I will cop to that charge)? Come on? This is a tale of rodent heroism! They are attractive, pleasant animals sme of whom are doing the useful work of clearing landmines from countries plagued by years of war! These rodents deserve a rousing hurrah! Even if they apparently can carry monkeypox, so don't get too close to them unless you know what you are doing, and everyone has been tested. Look at that little face!
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The HEROrats do amazing work. Rest in power, Magawa.
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I've got a bunch out back I'd be happy to send to a minefield.
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Even rats can be heros.
It takes a special rat and a special ratty person to train the rat.

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Magawa has discovered 39 landmines and 28 items of unexploded ordnance to date, making him the charity’s most successful HeroRAT and a more than worthy candidate for the PDSA Gold Medal. During his career he has helped clear over 141,000 square metres of land (the equivalent of twenty football pitches), making it safe for local people.

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by the lunar reckoning I'm Rat so I mean.. yes, definitely showing up to pay my respects.
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Pizza rat only wishes he was this cool.
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