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As one of the founding members of the Ventures and the composer of the original Hawaii Five-O theme, Don Wilson was a legend in the genre of surf guitar, in spite of never intending to be part of the subculture's scene. While at home, Wilson passed away at the age of 88.
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The rock instrumental genre was really a thing back in the day, and The Ventures were at the forefront for a good long spell. Along with the Shadows and a few other acts, they seemed to be a constant part of my background.

Twang on, Mr Wilson.
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The role of the Ventures, and commercial surf music in general, in getting tens of thousands of kids to pick up the guitar - all over the world, but particularly in the US, and especially in California - is hard to overstate.

The Beatles set the template and the benchmark, but playing in surf + grungy, Wailers/Sonics Tacoma-style R+B bands provided the musical training + showmanship boot camp that gave many, many people making music in the later 60s + 70s the necessary leg up. US pop culture of the era would have been radically different (and way, way duller) without them.
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A lot of music sounds dated after a few years, but the Ventures' sound always hits my ear like it's Day One brand new.

. and ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ
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I have a long list of shows I've missed (Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Prince's last show ...) but, by Dog, I saw the Ventures in the fall of 1985 at the Lone Star Cafe in NYC. It was everything it was supposed to be. RIP.
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The rock instrumental genre was really a thing back in the day

Freddie King, 1961
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The Ventures were the first band 5th grade me got into. My next door neighbor and I would listen to his older brother's albums in amazement.
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Hahahaha....Wipeout :(
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Nothing about Hawaii Five-0, including the music, worked for me. But, Telstar makes me happy every time I remember that it exists. That would be enough. But, there are also hours of other really interesting music.

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For me, it's Walk Don't Run, 1960. Damn.
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The Ventures do have quite the discography.

A few more or less random selections:

The Creeper -- check out the heaviness of that 1964 guitar.
Rap City
Peach Fuzz
One Mint Julep
Out of Limits
Taste of Honey
Psychedelic Venture
Stranger on the Shore
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You sir, will be missed.
This is a great track too. Most of them are.

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My Ventures trip began with this Golden Greats by the ... LP. Later, I'd learn that these versions were all covers except for 'Walk, Don't Run' but I still favor their version of Telstar.
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But, Telstar makes me happy every time I remember that it exists.

Oh yeah! I haven't thought of that tune in ages, and you're right. It's burned into my brain for instant recall from repeat listens to the above-mentioned Golden Greats as a kid.

I had no idea that these existed until I looked through that Discogs list, but it looks like a Ventures fan channel has uploaded these two albums:


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The most recent issue (49) of The Fretboard Journal has a really cool article on the history of "Walk, Don't Run" and how the Ventures got started, with an interview with Wilson (and others involved with the band). They all just seemed like really charming guys.
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The Hawaii Five-O theme song was written by Morton Stevens.

Which does nothing to diminish Don Wilson's stature.

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From an unrelated article in The Industry Observer,
The whole trope of a foreign band being "big in Japan" is one thatโ€™s been done to death.

In the 1960s surf garage rockers The Ventures were arguably the instigators of the cliché. The band was so popular their records outsold the Beatles by a ratio of two to one, and now, 66 years after their formation an incarnation of the group still tours the country on an annual basis.
... and digging way down into said group's Wikipedia page, a pointer to a Finnish genre called Rautalanka or 'iron wire' music.
Worldwide, the best known representative of this style is the British band The Shadows, who have visited Finland several times. Their American counterparts are The Ventures, whose song "Walk, Don't Run" was a hit in Finland [and] the first real Finnish rautalanka hit was Emma by The Sounds.
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