Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder
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New York Times and possibly other publications have gotten wise to that site's tricks, but it does work as advertised for bunch of others.

I use it about as often as I use Just The Recipe, which strips random food blogger pages of all the "Back when I was a little girl on the farm" bullshit.
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The author would like you to subscribe to help keep this service floating. I wonder if the irony is lost on them.
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Historically Google didn't cache images, or didn't serve them correctly. Does this work better in 12ft? The Economist sample article on the site hotlinks the URL for the image which won't work for all paywalls.

Other paywall busters include, the Wayback machine, and I've had good luck with the Bypass Paywalls Clean addon. And ad blockers like uBlock Origin can often be used to stop paywall scripts.

Also it works to just pay for journalism; I pay for several of the main news sources because I use them so often.
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I've used this on and off for a month and it works half the time. I'm using Bypass Paywalls Clean so I've only asked it to work on the hardest ones.
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I have moderately decent luck by just disabling Javascript for specific domains. You might not see a couple of fancy graphs and charts, and a couple of sites require JS to load images, but the text almost always comes through just fine.
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MetaFilter: all the "Back when I was a little girl on the farm" bullshit.
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I'm happy to pay for internet editions of some news sites (which is why I have a paid subscription to the LA Times, despite never having stepped foot in LA). Knowing what we know now about Maggie Haberman, it's hard for me to justify paying for a NYT subscription, and until Jonathan Chait and Olivia Nuzzi leave New York I will find ways around their paywalls.
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Also MetaFilter: Oooh, another way to get around a paywall!
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The beauty of it is, those two statements aren't contradictory. I personally pay quite a few creators for their work, work that they choose to distribute freely. Lots of other people do. It's a system that is proven to work.
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There's also just using your local library account to access news: for example LAPL offers 24 hr passes to NYT. Available for all CA libraries! Free and also guilt-free!
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I happily pay for a couple newspaper subscriptions. But if I click on a headline or a recipe title and I get a page full of ads or somebody's childhood reminiscing, I feel duped. The web site didn't give me what it said it was going to give me. For that reason, I I like having several tools available to make sure I can do what I set out to do. I always have a laptop and a phone handy, and I have multiple web browsers on both devices.

I work in an industry where there are legal consequences for misleading language on our site, links that don't work as advertised, etc., so I'm especially sensitive to web links with unwelcome surprises on the other end.
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I'll pay for a few places, but I'm not going to pay EVERYWHERE and especially not for one-off sites for one article. Nobody has a solution for that one.
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I've been doing a lot of thinking about the narrative-before-recipes thing recently, so I went ahead and made a separate FPP about it.
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I hate the NYT, therefore, despite the fact that my library has a subscription, I prefer to jump paywalls. Fuck 'em.
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Awesome. I get pay walled on my local newspaper even thought I am a subscriber.
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Wish I could pay a la carte for some content, rather than monthly/annual subscriptions.

e.g. The Economist is $189 a year. Far too much for the 3 to 7 articles I'm interested in reading each year. I'd pay 0.50¢ to $1 for the odd article now and again. But $4.50 an issue is a bit much. And my fleeting interest isn't worth the annual subscription.

We have subscriptions for 3 major news outlets, so we're not against paying for content we'd use regularly.

Unfortunately there aren't a lot of easy online options for when you're just interested in picking up an article or even an issue (of a publication behind a paywall) every now and again. At least not that I'm aware of, anyway.
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still waiting for universal micropayments. heh. if it ever happens, it'll be long after I'm dead.
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Bookmarklet: javascript:window.location=""+window.location
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I subscribed to the Washington Post because it was like $10. Plus, every dollar I give to Jeff Bezos puts him that much closer to Mars.
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When sites reveal their entire content to Google's crawler, so it shows up in search results, displacing other content, then block it to ordinary people, that is a problem. They're using Google as a means of advertising their content. I have no sympathy for people who do that.
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Which is Google's policy to allow paywalled content to appear in search results. Specifically that a site presents a different version of a page to the GoogleBot than it does the person clicking on a search result, which is a no-no for which you can get nuked if you're a nobody. Here's the story as of five years ago, and as far as I know nothing's changed.
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It's both of their faults. I'm not going to defend Google at all.
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