The Whole Forming a Constellation of Horror!!!
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Ann Lemoine, publisher (1800 [1st ed.]), New Lights from the World of Darkness; or the Midnight Messenger; with Solemn Signals from the World of Spirits: "The wife of a very eminent bookseller in the city, who died soon after her husband, in 1790, used frequently to appear to a friend of her husband's, near Charles's Square, entirely encircled in a thick blue vapour, and which, upon her disappearing, always left a very strong scent." At The Women's Print History Project (home of a database listing >10k publications), Sara Penn discusses "England's First Female Chapbook Publisher" and "Ann Lemoine's 'Haunted Castle'" [the text]. See also Jonathan Barry's publishing history of supernatural tales [PDF] and Angela Koch's checklist of Gothic bluebooks. Previously: Weird Tales from the 18th Century.
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Looking forward to settling in for an evening with New Lights -- this is great! Thanks for sharing it.
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I love these. I wish more were available to read!!
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