Yo La Tengo Is Still Murdering the Classics TODAY
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Today at 3pm Eastern, Yo La Tengo will do their long standing WFMU tradition of taking requests for pledges for the mighty WFMU. If you donate $100 to this great independent radio station, Yo La Tengo will try to play any song you request. The YLT request show has become a low-key Metafilter tradition over the years, with Mefites getting their favorite songs in and sharing commentary. Unlike nearly everything else on WFMU, you can't listen to the request show in the archive later. When it's done, it's done. If you do put in a request, be sure to use this link (with the pledge earmarked for Todd-a-phonic Todd's show). Otherwise, the request may not make it to the band.

I want to dedicate this years post and thread to roll truck roll, a constant fan of Yo La Tengo and this WFMU tradition. He passed away last October, so RIP friend.
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If you want to see the previous years threads, I suggest you click on the WFMU tag and it should bring you to a list of them all.
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One of the more pleasant afternoons of the year is when Yo La Tengo takes requests on WFMU.
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I should have put this up earlier, I expected someone else would, but I just wanted to get something in the records, so here we are.
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It is tradition that you post the thread, wheelieman!

In my haste to post I missed the news about roll truck roll.

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I think this is my first year I posted this.
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I did not see Kraftwerk coming. Whoever requested that get's today's gold star.
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That was the BEST. And kind of a cool unintentional memorial to Roll Truck Roll.
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Donate! $10 a month is 30 cents a day, to support one of the greatest achievements in human communication.
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WFMU is a treasure.
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Back in the dark ages of the mid 1980s, I used to listen to a radio show on WFMU, when it was attached to Apsala College. "Synthetic Pleasure". It was awesome.
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