Nabi and Doki: Cat and Bunny, a Love Story
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There She Is! Complete He's a cat. She's a rabbit. Together, they fight crime become close, with all the pits and snares that relationships imply.

I was charmed by Cake Dance years ago and posted it here. (This, despite the author's request to not link to it for bandwidth reasons. Sorry!) Well, it's 2022 and Nabi the cat and Doki the bunny and are longer confined to Flash. The complete saga is now available in hi-res on YouTube. I hope you will enjoy this.
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Ahhhhhhhhh I’ve always loved this and it looks so great!
posted by azpenguin at 10:02 AM on March 31, 2022

This song has always been a banger. Nice trip down memory lane, thanks for sharing!
posted by xedrik at 10:30 AM on March 31, 2022

I... was not prepared for Step 4.

Cake Dance was also a favorite of mine, way back when. I lost track and didn't realize more episodes existed, and am incredibly grateful to see them all in one video. Thank you for this!
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