Bitch Comes to a Close
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End of an era. I felt so proud when someone from Bitch interviewed me in 2011 - hope the people and energy behind Bitch go on to new wonderful endeavors.

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I'm going to miss them.
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I have mixed feelings. Definitely sadness, but also I'd felt frustration for a while at the magazine feeling a little stale, a little behind. Which is understandable when the internet makes discussion move so fast anymore. I've been a subscriber forever, but a lot of times I didn't read much of each issue.

It might just be time.

I wish there had been a good way for it to exist online, like if maybe The Mary Sue, Wonkette, Feminist Giant, etc. could all be in one place.
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man. Here's three from the Mefi archives that stuck with me:
  1. Thread on Walidah Imarisha's interview on the racial politics of Disney animals.
  2. Excerpt from Kameron Hurley's book, The Geek Feminist Revolution which is partially becomes a thread of noteworthy women characters and performances.
  3. One of the most personally remarkable things, watching this video, was that no matter how many times the horrifying scenes of assault on the screen ended with an attacker curled in the fetal position or knocked out cold in an elevator, I never believed the next one would end happily.
    Katie Presley framing sparking a thread about feminist revenge fantasies.
  4. Bitch media certainly had an impact on how I think and frame pop culture.
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I'm also a longtime subscriber, and I'm sad, but not surprised.
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(And maybe this should be an Ask question, but if I love Bitch Magazine, what should I subscribe to instead?)
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Bust, for as long as that lasts. I'm surprised that's still around, actually.
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I love Bust, but I find they're less critical of media than Bitch.
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Yeah, Bust is still going strong, there's also Ms. magazine. Some more obscure feminist titles are Lilith, which is Jewish, and Lux, which is Socialist. Womankind, from Australia, is lovely but not very interested in pop culture.
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Nice piece on this from Jude Doyle.
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I so wish it had been around when I was 15.
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I let my subscription lapse several years ago. Maybe I aged out of the demographic, finding fewer articles that felt quite as incisive and thought provoking to me just because they were no longer quite as relevant to my life. The pressure to produce online content rapidly and regularly seemed to add some editorial challenges, as well. But Bitch was still a on-goingly groundbreaking media institution. Their advertising policy led to many financial challenges, but was a hugely important component of their editorial independence that enabled them to continue to publish feminist content that critiqued capitalism or structural racism or ableism, not just surface aspects of pop culture. (And nothing against Bust, but it was never as radical as Bitch.)
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The death of this magazine, along with the feminist blogosphere... Twitter is really not a replacement. Nor are newsletters.

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