Music From Nancy (1979)
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Music From Nancy is a an experimental music and performance piece based on the comic strip "Nancy".
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Meanwhile, the Cathy song is entirely different artists interpreting the various exclamations, screams, and wails of anguish the titular character frequently makes. As expected from such a bleak strip, the performances from various death metal bands like Mondays Hate You Back, Out of Lasagna, Charlie Brown Is STILL PITCHING, Snoopy KIA by Red Baron, Funky Winkerbean Sound Perverted, and most importantly, SpaceMan Spiff Transmorgified My Underwear Into A Tiger have been extremely highly praised.
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Seems relevant, once again, it's The Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn.
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Cathy is a much more interesting strip than you think. We had a post here previously about a multi-hour Cathy podcast that I listened to all of. Because, yes, it was that interesting.
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this is brilliant
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Meanwhile, the Cathy song is entirely different artists interpreting the various exclamations, screams, and wails of anguish the titular character frequently makes.

Maybe not the Cathy you had in mind but
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I get a kick of out weird art-damaged shit like this, and it's amazing that it's been preserved for over 40 years.

(The owner of the YouTube channel appears to be one of the performers, so it's presumably from his personal archive.)

That said...there isn't much variety to the music, is there? It's the same drone, accompanied by more-or-less random variations on the same arpeggio, for 17 minutes.

I say this as someone who listens to a shit-ton of extremely repetitive music. But repetition can be used in artful and compelling ways, or it can be used because you can't be bothered to come up with more than one musical idea. I'm afraid this falls into the latter bucket for me.

Like so much experimental art (again, I love experimental art!), the whole performance seems to be trading mainly on weirdness and inaccessibility for its own sake. There was a time when I found that to be a meaningful artistic statement, but I guess I'm getting old.
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JHarris - Love it, but might better be titled "The Greatest Sluggo Panel Ever Drawn". ......
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I pretty much agree with you, escape from the potato planet, but I love this anyway because I appreciate enthusiastic weirdos making enthusiastic weirdness.
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I just love this

unlike potato planet, nothing really detracted from the total effect, for me. and I hesitate to call this mash-up of disparate elements "experimental"

it's just a thing, and like all things we may happen upon it at whatever point in our lives, in whatever mood we inhabit, and here we are. thank you, moonmilk, I appreciate this thing you shared
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This is incredibly weird and good. There was accompanying illustrated sheet music, which you can see a glimpse of in Steve Cunningham's video. Apparently, it was reproduced in the first issue of this zine called Bubbles in 2019, which raised awareness of the performance and interviewed all three creators. (I just ordered a copy!)
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