The Prisoner Opening
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The Opening Credits to The Prisoner. To say more - that would be telling.

This is 12 years old but I only discovered it today, and it so delighted me I had to share.
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Very nicely done!

MaxFun drive is on at the moment, and a stretch reward is John Hodgman doing a Prisoner recap podcast series like I, Podius, I really hope that happens.
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There are some very clever beats in that intro, but I was really impressed by the Coca-Cola bedding and throw pillow on the futon. Like, how long did Number 6 have to save up her Coke Rewards points to nab those?
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This is amazing!
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That's some nice Swede-ing there, Jessica!
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Now I want a Coke!
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No disrespect to John Hodgman but Chris Klimek & Glen Weldon's podcast, A Degree Absolute! did this, brilliantly, last year.

While we're here, check out the video for Episode 1: Arrival by Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.
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10/10, would rewatch the whole series done like this.

switches back to the prisoner theme ringtone

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Got the font right. That's all that matters.

(Not sure how Number Six managed to stay on that machine around some of those curves, though!)
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My dad quoted The Prisoner at me on and off throughout his life. I wish I'd know about this when it first appeared, he would have gotten a kick out of it. He died eight years ago as of yesterday and this brought back some memories I didn't know I had. Thank you.
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I was like "Oh good, an intellectual and sober discussion of one of my favorite shows of all time. I'll just quickly watch the opening again because, even though I know it by heart, it's always good to watch it."

Then I near chortled to death.
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I cannot love this enough. So, so good.

Very nice to have a drawing of McGoohan in the suitcase, among other touches.
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There was a brief moment when I thought "wow, nice touch with the vintage TV/VCR combo unit"
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Oh, and: This is good. I LOL'ed at the handwritten x's and the card being pulled down the clothesline.
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When you think of vintage media like this being redone on a microscale budget, you're always eager to see how they interpret high budget effects and props. It must have been a relief for them that the biggest effect from the original was... a really big white balloon.
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I loved when she raised the window blind and saw teepees instead of Portmeirion.
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I have no idea who these people are but I deeply love Jessica, Susan, Russell and Jim Erskine right now. That is the single best thing I have ever seen on YouTube.
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Love it!
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This is 100% fantastic.
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Dammit, internet!

(The novel I am due to hand in next week—which comes out in May 2023—is riffing all over The Prisoner! Even a female Number Six! And also Bridgerton, with Shoggoths.)
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I was waiting for the balloons, and they were all I could have hoped they’d be.
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Love The Prisoner. Just came across my DVDs of "Danger Man" aka "Secret Agent" and started rewatching those. This show also stars Patrick McGoohan and can be thought of as an unofficial prequel.
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Undercranking the camera for the lengthy lawnmower shots was a nice touch
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Love 'Danger Man'. The episode where the British oil guy predicts the future is cool.
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