Frank Oz Muppets and the Big Five Personality Traits
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An OCEAN of Muppets (that is, Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism): "In case you are searching for a unified account of Frank Oz Muppets in terms of the Big Five Personality Traits—and, to be clear, someone on the internet was earlier today—I’m providing it here for posterity. This version includes the 'Henson Area', which is optional but both clarifying for the strictly psychological aspects and a bridge to a fully social theory of Frank Oz Muppets." By Kieran Healy (previously).
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Whither Beaker?
posted by Abehammerb Lincoln at 8:50 AM on May 11

I'm fairly certain Fozzy is more neurotic than agreeable.
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Five Big and then there's .... Gonzo!
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This feels true to me on a personal level, at least. I score high in conscientiousness and extroversion, so if I'm reading this right, I think I'm living in the Henson Area.
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I'm reviewing the data and my preliminary conclusion is me Cookie Monster. Cookie.
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half these characters aren't even muppets, this is why sociologists shouldn't do psychology
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(I'm kidding of course, this is great. "Henson Area" is perfect.)
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I don't think I understand this chart, to be honest, but I still want to know where the Carroll Spinney muppets fall.

I assume Big Bird would fall in the triangle between Cookie Monster, Fozzie and Yoda, if I'm even a little right at understanding the measures.

But where does that leave Oscar? I don't associate the grouch with any of these five traits.
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I’m apparently a Piggy Monster.
posted by sixswitch at 10:14 AM on May 11

But where does that leave Oscar?

The chart doesn't work because you can't show low scores in addition to or instead of high ones. Oscar is defined by low conscientiousness and low agreeableness, rather than any high scoring trait.

Grover is just as agreeable as he is neurotic.
I agree Fozzy is more neurotic than agreeable.
Miss Piggy - disagreeable.

Does this make me a killjoy? Apologies for being a killjoy.
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in moar healy muppetry - academia explained (with muppets)
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If you don't see yourself on the chart, that's okay. You might be a Henson Muppet or a Goelz Muppet or a Brill Muppet or a Spinney Muppet or even (god help you) Elmo.

Personally, I find Dahlia Lithwick's Chaos Muppet vs. Order Muppets taxonomy more useful.

Then again, since 2020 sometimes I think we may all be Beaker, screaming into the mee.
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One of these things like the others is not.
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An ocean of muppets in bloom?

Animal strikes curious poses?
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Personally, I find Dahlia Lithwick's Chaos Muppet vs. Order Muppets taxonomy more useful.

That was at least as insightful as an MBTI. I feel called out as a Faux Chaos Muppet.
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Animal strikes curious poses?

With Doctor Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Zoot, and Janice too.

How could you have Grover waiting? He can't serve the soup, it's too cold. Maybe I'm just to demanding. Maybe I'm just like Statler: too old. Maybe I'm just like that Waldorf; he's never satisfied. Why does the pig need a lover? This is what it sounds like when you give gloves eyes.
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Um, we all know that the OCEAN model is really a five-dimensional space and that depicting it as a two-dimensional pentagon is a massive oversimplification, right? Right?
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I assume so... if you tried to rate me numerically against these categories the numbers would change on a dime depending on what was going on around me. We all contain multitudes of muppets.
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The best way to start a round of No -- You are! with a four year old is to tell them You're Bert! -- I'm Ernie!
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I'd always assumed they'd borrowed some from M*A*S*H characters (Kermit = Hawkeye, Miss Piggy = Hotlips, American Bald Eagle, Fozzy, Gonzo, Radar)
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I was two. I was Ernie. My mom was Bert. I told the babysitter that Bert had gone to the hospital to have a baby, which was true, but the babysitter was expecting a different name.

Just for the record.
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Does this make me a killjoy? Apologies for being a killjoy.

if you are I also am, saw the chart in question & immediately went "this is not how a Big Five graph works; the promise of a Muppet Big Five remains undelivered"

could make our own maybe?
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Came here to stan Order Muppets vs. Chaos Muppets, was not disappointed.
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Yes, here is how to map a five-dimensional vector to something easily viewable in the plane, it's called a radar chart (sometimes spider web or star chart etc). You can even visualize a few at once with colors, overlay and/or transparency, but for something like this it would be best to plot each character as their own filled irregular pentagon, showing normalized scores for each trait axis. Then each complex character personality is a represented by a complex shape that is easy to understand, not a point (which doesn't allow many possible personalities to be expressed, as noted).

The author's previous blog post seems to be about a data vis tool? I hope he knows about this stuff, and frankly I'm wishing it were done more seriously because the idea is very compelling: there's a very good spread of personality traits in the Muppets, and since they are so well known and loved they can provide an accessible introduction to an interesting model/description of personalities.
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The thing about a star chart is that you can't fill it out and call yourself a square or a purple or whatever.
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True, but if we had a sixth axis we could all be special snowflakes.
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This is cute but OCEAN just looks like a retread of Meyers-Briggs and seems subject to the same critiques. I had to get MBTI certified for work back when that was hot and OCEAN similarly seems “interesting, but not scientific”.
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The OCEAN Big 5 is literally one of the best-validated inventories in personality psychology, no?
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True, but if we had a sixth axis we could all be special snowflakes.
AFAIK some models do have a sixth axis! I think the one with the most support is “honesty/humility” which is basically the inverse of the dark triad traits (like narcissism and sociopathy).
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SaltySalticid, that does sound like a cool technique for this. From Healy's post it seems like he just whipped up the graphic in response to a very silly query appearing in his referrer log, so I don't imagine he put much thought into it.

Healy has actually had a "practical introduction to data visualization" come out with Princeton University Press. A draft is available online (Andrew Gelman approves!). It doesn't mention radar charts as far as I can tell, but I would imagine he's aware of them.
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Found on FARK, thought it'd make someone smile
posted by Dub at 11:32 AM on May 17

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