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LGBTQ History Primary Source Sets. Researched & annotated by Wendy Rouse, PhD in collaboration with the History Project at UC Davis, this collection of primary sources are designed for use in the K-12 classroom. Categories include women's suffrage, slavery and Reconstruction, the American Revolution and the Roaring 20s. For older readers who want to nerd out on #queerhistory, Dr. Rouse has you covered too: Need a Pride Month reading list?
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Read through the Revolution and 20s slides, interesting pointers to people pushing back, though sadly (and expectedly) they are often also stories of these people being excluded or abused. But there are also some interesting characters I'd never heard of.

I actually just this weekend bought an old issue of "Coronet" with a title story on "The New Moral Menace," which was a response to the Kinsey et al report showing large numbers of queer lifestyles among men and women. I hadn't read any of this type of moral panic type populist pieces and was curious — needless to say it's hateful and denigrating, and as I expected also not dissimilar to what we see today.
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I cowrote a book on U.S. LGBTQ history which is freely available here. It was intended for those new to this history.

Looking forward to reading the Pride Month reading list!
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