Give your ears a sonic vacation
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The US National Park Service has a few high quality recorded soundscapes from Rocky Mountain National Park. Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and take a little trip to the country.

Please share links to similar click-and-listen online soundscapes below!
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"fun" "fact": if you need MORE RELAXATION you can HIT PLAY on ALL OF THEM
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For the real RMNP experience, you should wheeze heavily because of the high altitude, when all you are doing is walking up a gentle slope.
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Don't miss the Yellowstone Sound Library. Yellowstone Lake sings when it's frozen.
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Immersive. Reminds me of these virtual walking tours.
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More, from Montana and Yellowstone: Acoustic Atlas.
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Hurray, my office sounds like outside!
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Backpacked there last year and I still remember the lone elk bugling at the edge of Flattop Mountain, as we traversed it above 12,000 feet.
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This is quite lovely, thank you. The Dawn Wetland in particular reminds me of early mornings fishing with my grandad in Eastern Oregon.
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