When your Pokemon Crystal deserves the best.
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Poet, programmer and professor Allison Parrish writes: "Over the summer I dug in deep with Game Boy modding and made this: the Game Boy Pocket SP. [...] In this post, I’m going to talk about why and how I made the Pocket SP, and how you can make your own."
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MeFi's Own aparrish!
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This is awesome, and the resources linked in it too.
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Allison has always had a lot of interesting ideas about the intersection of creativity and technology, her recent keynote from the International Conference on Computation Creativity is a good example! It's about paratexts, texts that exist on the threshold of other works.
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Yeah, um, teaching yourself FreeCAD as your first CAD program makes you one of the worlds top badasses, imo. Fantastic project.
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At first I couldn't figure out why anyone would want to do this. After all, the GBA SP already plays Game Boy games right out of the box and then some. The Pocket cannot play Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance games. Why go through all this trouble just to end up with a piece of hardware that does less than its more advanced counterpart? Then I saw the photos of the GBP SP and understood completely. Sometimes these kinds of things are worth doing just to accomplish them. I have no need for a GBP SP, but damn if it's not a beautiful little device.
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Allison was my professor and is one of the most thoughtful and talented people I've ever known. This is astoundingly beautiful.
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