Ellen Needs Insurance
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'Ellen Needs Insurance' is the real story of an actor in her quest to get coverage Ellen is a Screen Actors Guild member who's $800 or so short in acting earnings this year to get insurance. When she can't get enough gigs, well....create your own! Which is to say, make a film about trying to get insurance and hire others in the same situation. Fundraising efforts can be found here.
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Very cool project for a worthwhile cause! Reminds me of the Angela Lansbury story that circulated recently about her regularly casting older actors on “Murder, She Wrote” so they could keep their SAG insurance.
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Its kind of sad that this has to happen at all. I suppose it helps that she appears to be white?

which is kind of sad too if you think about it.

Despite that, it seems like a creative and fun project that would probably make the world a better place in some small way, however fleeting, if it were to be fully funded.
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I thought the promo clip was so entertaining, I'd like to see what they come up with, so I chipped in a bit.
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