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It's a directory of blogs. Avoid your family today like it's 2006. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!
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I kinda want to throw my blog's hat in the ring over there, but they say that all blogs must have an RSS feed. My blog's on Wordpress - and everything seems to suggest that I have an RSS feed, but I don't see how I would indicate that or if there's anything I need to turn on to do that. Any Wordpress person know?
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Yes EmpressCallipygos! You already have one at https://moviecrashcourse.com/feed/
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Thanks for posting this - it's my site!

Yes, I've been pleasantly surprised that, often, a blog that doesn't have a link to an RSS/Atom feed, and doesn't have a hidden HTML meta tag linking to it, can often just have /feed/ added to the URL to reveal it.
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Oh, I was going to post this!

I submitted a blog as well, just to try it out. I'm following a good handfull of table top RPG blogs via RSS even since Google+ disappeared and rejuvenated blogging for quite a few people in the TTRPG world. I might as well share them with the rest of the world.
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Fabius, I'm heading to your site to do the official "suggest a blog" thing now so it's all official-like.
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I submitted a few, and was required to identify so many squirrels.
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I can only apologise for having to identify all the squirrels, motorbikes, etc. I know from experience how much spam an entirely open form attracts, unfortunately.

Our future AI overlords thank you for your identification skills, which will come in handy when the Squirrel Uprising attempts to save all living creatures from the electronic despots.
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@fabius - did I need to enter my root URL - or the RSS feed?
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This is everything I have wanted for years! Thank you!

Can’t wait for a blog resurgence.
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Much to my delight, I had noticed that a certain mathowie had begun to blog in earnest again recently.
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@COD your main site URL. 90% of the time I can pick up the feed URL automatically.
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Suggested mine, but it's technically so archaic, no RSS available, sorry. And as I explain on my About page, it's not 'about' anything, either; but I was able to register a 'personal' choice as the category.
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I dunno about plugging mine elsewhere because I'm afraid of what happens if you get readers anywhere, but I will be updating this throughout the day if anyone's bored. It's just general random weird stuff.
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This is great, thanks. I have suggested some (including mine, not updated as often IRL as it is in my head) and enjoyed the hedgehogs, chickens and chocolate cakes.

Already found interesting stuff - niche museums, YoYo poster, Edwardian erotic photograph inside a miniature pig, Kirkaldy testing works.
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And this great article about Mrs Howard Paul. So much FPP material.
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And a lock-down Christmas mystery. I'm COVIDing at the moment so have been looking for blogs to read, so this is ideal.
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That tiny pig porn is choice!
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They say they have Whatever there but I don't see it, it's fine, it's only been updated daily for 24 years now (sulk)
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The first blog I went to had one of those fake virus pages that locks up the browser. (at billfortney.c*m). Probably just bad luck.
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The old gods only slumber.

Except Leslie H.
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I already submitted Whatever, maybe it's not reviewed i.e. visible yet?
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There is now a very, very big queue of submitted blogs for me to go through and slowly make visible on the site.
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This is absolutely wonderful. I have just this week been hoping to find more blogs to read - everybody's been talking about RSS lately, and I finally downloaded NetNewsWire and I've been looking for fun things to fill it up with.

I am also SO stoked to be learning how many blogs have inadvertent RSS feeds, whether they mean to have them or not.

Two discoveries from ooh.directory that I've added to my reader so far:

https://www.ilike.org.uk/ - which currently is focused on a collection of great signs
https://waitbutwhy.com/ - “A popular long-form, stick-figure-illustrated blog about almost everything.” By Tim Urban.

Thank you so much for posting this, COD - and thank you so much for creating this and curating it, fabius!
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Hey Fabius! Feel free to send a ping of you'd like some help reviewing. If you give some list of reasons to not include sites I could help thin the pile that you actually review.
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This is great! I too have been resuming use of RSS. For the more tech inclined I used this guide to setting up TinyTinyRSS on my own server and it's been working great with Reeder apps. I also set up this RSS Bridge which generates RSS feeds from all kinds of things - social media, Youtube, Reddits, etc. with all kinds of filtering options. Between that and the amazingly powerful filters and features in TTRSS I'm really like the amount of control it gives me, with all my content in one place!
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Hang on - is there a "travel" category? I didn't see it.
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Do they have an adult category? All those blogs are pretty neat, but it's not clear where human sexuality focused blogs would go.
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Internet Archive save of Yahoo for October 1996. This was how we internetted back then.
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Hang on - is there a "travel" category? I didn't see it.

There are only categories for the blogs I've added so far. As I add new blogs I add new categories.
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