The Wishing Fish Clock
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The Wishing Fish Clock a wonderful piece of functional art in the Regent Arcade in Cheltenham. I've always love Kit Williams' work and this is a perfect reason why. He consistently captures wonder.
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I remember reading Masquerade when I was a wee lad and how much fun it was to try to solve the puzzle. Thanks for bringing back some great memories plinth.
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beautiful -- i was immediately intrigued. here's some background info i found for those not familar with kit (like me).

link about masquerade -- the puzzle book
another masquerade link

if there's any more info on the clocks, i would love to see it.
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I, too, was delighted to be reminded of "Masquerade" and learn more about Kit Williams. This site has more images of the wishing fish clock (click on the pix for larger images), and some interesting comments about the possibilities of architectural clocks.
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