Can I eat this? Probably
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Answering AskMeFi's eternal questions, Does It Go Bad? is an old school website run by one man (Marcin Skrzypiec) pulling together sensible advice about food and food storage.
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I found this looking to see if I can freeze any of the kilo of feta I am buying (yes!), and it struck me as a quintessentially mefi sort of site.

(And apologies for not posting more advent2022 as I've been sick for a while)
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Related recent thread.
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I had some refrigerated almond milk go bad one time. It went from smelling like almond milk one day to the rotten stink of the pits of Hell the next day. I don't think there's much time between "OK" and "Very, very bad" with almond milk.

It's a different smell than sour cow's milk though. More like the back end of a garbage truck in summer.
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I don't think that's an old school website. That's a website designed and written entirely to get clicks from search results and show you ads. The writing is for the Google bot, not for humans.
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My go-to website for this is StillTasty, which I learned about from... Metafilter.
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Ah my apologies for the old school ref - I do Firefox with a lot of blocking extensions so I see very few ads.
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