September 6, 2002
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Check out this Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 -- it vibrates! Friday Flash: MashiMaro! He's a disgruntled rabbit that looks like a marshmallow, and he's a hit with the Hello Kitty crowd looking for some potty humor.
For those of you without Flash, I offer Kogepan, a burnt red bean bun with a negative attitude. To quote the designers, "If a round & expressionless character says 'wanna try?' ... it's unexpectedly funny! Kogepan was born from this idea!"
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Tell me more about the vibrating toy, please.
posted by ColdChef at 9:40 AM on September 6, 2002

Kogepan has gone a little wrong for being made burned.
It's a strange character that can't help saying negative
words like "you will dump me anyway."

Wait a minute -- I think I dated Kogepan!
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I rather like Kogepan's friend, 'Mayonnaisepan.'

Mayonnaise: the perfect food.
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Friday MetaTalk!
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Oh my god... thank you for those... You just made my lunch hour. But have you seen Afro Ken?
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Memepool has a nice entry about the vibrating toy Nimbus 2000 & some other quips about witches' broomsticks.

"One theory is that their broomsticks were smeared with hallucinogenic chemicals, which the witches' held closely to their, ahem, nether regions."
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It's seems there is some mystery surrounding the true origins of Kogepan. Dreamkitty sez:

Secret of Kogepan birth

One day, someone thought of giving a voice to a round poker-faced piece of bread.
How about making this poker face guy say, "Would you like to eat me?"
Funny, isn't it? That's how Kogepan came into the world!!

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My school folder is covered in Kogepan and Tare Panda stickers.

For all who arn't familiar, San-X (who makes all these characters) is sort of the nasty scary ripoff version of Sanrio. Burnt bread, rolly pandas, scared dogs, house shaped dogs.... SO MUCH CUTE.
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