You Reap What You Sow - Meet Ira Wallace, Godmother of Southern Seeds
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(NYTimes link) Story about seed banks, radical sharing, and endless local varieties. Or just go straight to the seed bank and start planning out your garden. Many of the descriptions of the various seeds are interesting bits of history in and of themselves. Happy gardening!
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Greasy beans are truly amazing.
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Hear are some links to a few more seed companies that are doing good things.
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Open Source Seed Initiative
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There’s an article about seed catalogues in the current New Yorker.
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I really enjoyed this article. I'm interested in growing some of the sorghum in the Caribbean, it was a pretty important subsistence crop here.
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Heyyyy I work with Southern Exposure! (Have co-managed the wholesale division of the business for the past 7 years). Great to see SESE getting attention <3
Re: other seed companies doing good things, I want to note that Baker Creek ( has been involved in some... controversy (of the supporting white supremacy nature) in the past couple years, and folks might want to look elsewhere.
But there are so many other fantastic small seed companies:
Ujamaa Seeds (great article/interview here)
Snake River Seed Cooperative
Common Wealth Seed Growers
Kitazawa Seed Co
Truelove Seeds
Native Seeds SEARCH
Sow True
And more!
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