Flying low into geeky subculture
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Airplane Facts with Max is a social media account starring an aircraft mechanic who gives behind the scenes looks at maintaining aircraft, among several other delightfully nerdy subjects. (TikTok, Instagram)
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I am afraid of reading this.
posted by Abehammerb Lincoln at 8:30 AM on May 24

Why? A fear of flying?
This should help relieve some of your anxieties. It takes many sets of eyes on any one maintenance action to be legally safe.

Are you comfortable with brake pressure being able to stop a car? If so you should be comfortable with idea that pressure will lift an aircraft.

It is my understanding that most fear of flying is the fear of not being in control. This would apply to riding on a bus or in a train. Can't help with that. But for concerns with the maintenance this might help alleviate some of your concerns
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Abehammerb, I have examined all the links provided in this post and I personally assure you that you need not fear them unless your fears have highly unusual triggers for a human.
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I think that's pretty cool.
posted by roue at 9:39 AM on May 24

I don't like flying for common reasons but for me, at least, the difference is that you can have a 'little bump' in a car. Not a regular option for planes - but I will watch, it looks interesting.
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