Bored in the pandemic, she made art by bruising bananas.
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Amazing what you can do with a banana, a pin, and a comb. Samples and Galleries
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(And, of course,the splash page.)
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“No ink is used, the banana is bruised.” —Johnnie Cochran
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Reminds me of sepia tone graphics...
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I love Banana Bert :)
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I would buy a piece of her art. It’s one banana, how much could it cost? $10?
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There's always money in the banana art.
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Work all night on a drink of rum
(Daylight come and me wan' go home )
Stick banana till the daylight come

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Facts: Anna has promoted Ethiopia through her artwork more than the tourism minister did.
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I weathered the pandemic without making any sourdough bread, I'm proud to say. Had I come across this in 2020 I would totally have gotten on this bandwagon though.
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This is so cool and fascinating—thank you for posting it!
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These are super cool, the artist is so talented!
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Bananas with pins reminds me of a little trick I would play as a kid, which was to carefully insert a pin or needle into a banana (preferable hidden by a tiny blemish) at some number of regular intervals and use the pin to swipe across cutting the banana on the inside only, then have somebody peel the banana to find it neatly cut into a predetermined number of slices. Best if the number of slices was part of a "guess what number you are thinking of" magic trick illusion, or a child's age on their birthday.
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Well this art certainly has appeal
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I love the artwork, but I wonder how big each art piece is physically.

Perhaps there was something she could include for scale?
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