More of these games should have ended with the monkey hugging the dog
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YouTuber oddheader recruited his wife Mrs. odd to review and rank nearly 60 Barbie video games. I played Every Barbie game. HELP ME. (Ft. Mrs Odd) [1h16m] presents them in low-to-high ranking, so it jumps around in time, but grows in quality as it goes on. It's a fascinating and insightful look through the prism that is current rampant Barbie commentary. It's also much less pink than you're expecting.
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I smell burnt toast.
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My daughter and I spent hours playing Secret Agent Barbie (reviewed at 1:09:45). There was a cheat that gave Barbie a jet pack (you typed JET) so she could jump up on a roof in one segment. But once she had the jet pack, you could have her keep jumping even after she got on the roof - she would go higher and higher into the sky until eventually she'd zoom out of the game itself and into this sort of blue void from which she couldn't escape and she'd just float aimlessly until you got bored and closed out of the game altogether. It was surprisingly creepy.
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This is very funny to me!
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Haven't watched yet, but I'm reminded of that one channel where the girlfriend comments on the games - and one was a Soulslike, and now I'm wondering as a tangent:

"Who is going to make the Barbie Soulslike?"
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I'm not familiar with this genre - don't watch YouTube channels and don't know about most video games - but I appreciated that they evaluated these games on their own terms! Dude was advocating for more cool outfits for his favored Barbie spy game for example. He seemed to feel like the shittiest games were really rude to the girls these games are marketed to. Also the shitty games seemed... extremely shitty! Which the Mrs Odd was quite funny about emphasizing.
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