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Stained Glass Sundials Imagine a beautiful stained glass window that has a sundial face somewhere on it which permits you to tell the correct time from inside or outside! The main purpose of this not-for-profit website is to reawaken interest in these rare jewels of art and science so that new ones will be constructed and the old ones will be preserved.
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Very pretty and really cool. Great post.
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Oh I love web design like this.

It took me awhile to understand how to read the time. There's a gnomon on the back of the window casting a shadow. Ie the faint line for the first image showing 10:40am.
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Perfect classic Metafilter post, this is amazing.
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This is wonderful! I've actually seen one of these (at the Horniman Musuem in south London)* and I did wonder if there were any more out there,

*If you ever are in the area, the Horniman is a delightful museum - one of the very few Art Nouveau buildings in London, with galleries of African art, musical instruments and natural history, an aquarium and beautiful gardens (with goats) plus the lovely conservatory/cafe where the sundial is.
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Hang on, this sounds very familiar.... didn't I just learn that these things existed this morning? Oh yeah, I sure did lol excellent synergy
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