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‘A fairytale wooden world’: Soviet country cottages "Widespread in the former USSR, dachas set in rural idylls were inhabited by writers, architects and those looking to escape the city for a self-sufficient life"
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I'm familiar with the concept of dachas, but I've never seen many pictures of them. They're adorable!
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Thanks to all the techno-thrillers and later works that I read, I always had a vision in my mind of these palatial estates (which must exist for the rich and powerful), but these are all whimsical lake house type of creations.
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They remind me of beach houses.
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Those were lovely. Thanks for posting.
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Thanks for this. My main conception of a dacha comes from the misty one from Solaris that
[Click for spoiler]an alien planet constructs a confused replica of with rain falling on the inside.

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So basically it's an A-Frame. An ugly A-Frame, going by these examples. Russia never fails to disappoint.
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Adjacent: off-grid bear-proof log-cabin build.
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Those are excellent photos, especially the two of the people (woman in traditional garb, eyepatch man with cigarette)
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A YouTuber I enjoy has a video on dachas, and I'm always fascinated by her perspective: Natasha's Adventures
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Other interesting things you can find in Russia are abandoned temples (just scroll right past all the Russian explanations and admire the pictures), abandoned salt mines and bits of a city falling into abandoned salt mines.
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Grew up surrounded by Russian emigres (my non-Russian mom's Orthodox Church community). And I can smell this post.
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I want to plug Fuel's photo books on the post-Soviet landscape. I recently purchased this book on Balkan Spomeniks and it is a delight. The dacha book is also on the to-buy list.
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Some of these places are about to stand up on chicken legs and walk off, and I'm here for it.
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There's a dacha on site at the Hillwood estate, museum, and gardens in Washington, DC -- former home of businesswoman and socialite Marjorie Merriweather Post, the owner of General Foods Corporation, who also built Mar-a-Lago.
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A lot of ex-Soviet cross stitch designers incorporate dachas in their designs, and to me they are pure eye candy.
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Wow that brings back memories. Polish dachas/summer cottages are slightly less ramshackle, but my family's is literally as pine-lined on the interior (but the walls are actual brick). Modern ones look more like this - there's been an absolute boom for them since the pandemic and work from home.
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I want to plug Fuel's photo books on the post-Soviet landscape. I recently purchased this book on Balkan Spomeniks and it is a delight

holy crap those are awesome. I'd probably take a trip juts to look at those.
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Avoid the one with chicken legs.
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Reminds me of the early to mid twentieth century storybook architectural style...
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