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The archive link sends me to a looped CAPTCHA.
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It's all OK until the gardener starts screaming "annihilation!" at you.
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He has one of the best social media presences, because it's all either interesting writing stuff, or gorgeous looks into the rewilding, or, best of all, raccoons and armadillos and all on his trail-cams.
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The archive link sends me to a looped CAPTCHA.

I used for this one.

My rewilding project, or as my neighbour who built a fence called it "neglect", has been a largely good experience. I had more fireflies in my backyard then I ever saw locally previously, more bee varieties, frequent wild life (even toads which I never saw previously), less invasive plants - it is an oasis of calm. However, people don't want to see that. Weeds are often a state of mind. People want control over nature, they want their impossible beauty standards. So I feel for Jeff.
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Oh shoot! Mods, can you correct my archive link?
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I am happy to say that the rewilding of vast portions of our double lot has led to a neighborhood trend, with varying success. I am so happy we are no longer alone. Our town decided to quit enforcing any sort of lawn length ordinance, but it's supposed to be clear that the plant growth is deliberate rather than just neglectful. I used to be nervous about being the "hippie yard" but now we get people vociferously complimenting our goldenrod, which by the way always have the most pollinators on them of all the plants. I love it so much.
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One of the "biggest" (in terms of attitude) steps I've taken on this has been allowing a patch of clover that started to grow in the back lawn to just continue doing its thing. It has slowly spread, and it's a natural nitrogen fixer in addition to attracting bees and other insects, so overall its beneficial. But, boy, did I have some internal struggles about not having a "perfect" lawn for the first year or two.
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I am reminded of Jason Rohrer's tale of rewilding his yard, and having to go to court over it.
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It's all OK until the gardener starts screaming "annihilation!" at you.

Everyone remembers her screaming, when she just kind of said it. I blame the Shimmer.
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Everyone remembers her screaming, when she just kind of said it.

A properly rewilded yard might attract migrating Skull Bears, though.
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By coincidence, I read this piece back to back with VanderMeer's short story This World Is Full of Monsters in which alien organisms rewild Earth, starting with the narrator's body and brain. It's creepy (of course) and a fun companion to the linked article.
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Faced with a very steep lawn to mow in the front of the house, I decided to plant indigenous wildflowers and grasses for the Ottawa valley. The conversion from lawn to meadow took five summers. The first two summers were unattractive, although now it is ablaze with coneflowers, goldenrod and Indiangrass. I didn't know that meadows as yards are illegal in Ottawa. But I lucked out with Ottawa's complaint-based system. None of my neighbours complained, although they had lotsa questions. Unfortunately, a neighbour two blocks over tried the same, and then the City sent them a cut order. Their neighbours had complained. It's lovely to have 'live-and-let-live' neighbours. The bees, wasps, beetles, mites, chipmunks, slugs, butterflies and birds love that kind of neighbour!
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