Branding is Everything
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Even in fiction, brands are important. In a richly-illustrated discussion, members of the Barbie, Wes Anderson, and Adult Swim design teams share their thoughts on bringing the fictional brands to life and furthering the story.
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Mentioned in the article, but worth calling out separately: The Fictional Brands Archive
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wow!!! that archive is so amazing. we don't really think about how embedded even fake brands are in our cultural consciousness.
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Fictional Brands Archive is missing Yoyodyne, which spans Pynchon, Buckaroo Banzai, Angel, Star Trek, Silicon Valley GNU General Public Licenses and further.

Can't wait to dig into this article, especially the Erica Dorn/Wes Anderson part.
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Wait a minute. Is Barbie now owned by Warner Bros?
So many of those images looked like Mattel stuff.
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Anybody else have a hankering for a Crusty Burger?
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It doesn't have Morley cigarettes either! Or Let's potato chips.
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Nor does it (or that fictional companies wiki) have Corley Motors
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Hmm, they have Duff Beer and Buzz Cola but not Krusty Burger or Kwik-E-Mart? Although, I guess I'm also not 100% sure what the criteria for inclusion is.

Also, not sure where to place things like Heisler beer which appears in a variety of shows because they're a very commonly used prop beer.
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Wow, even from a visual standpoint alone, that was well worth checking out.
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There's no Mao-Kwikowski from The Expanse. Savage Industry's (as in mefi's own) is in that show too, but that also exists in real life (albeit not with those products/services) so I'm not sure how that would fit in.
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