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Meet the Catluminati (archive) and his neighborhood cat friends including Mr. Furley, Naptime, Miss Cleo, Toast Malone, Crazy, Walnut, Cow Mary, Area Rug Mary, and Clara von Teethandclaws to name a few. More on the Catluminati. Videos on youtube, tiktok, instagram.

Some highlights:
Sharing good news
Purrsace and Pawlenciaga on the Catwalk
Does your cat pass the pickup test? 1, 2, 3, 4
Why cats can bring world peace
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nose boops!
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I love everything about this
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I love him and all of the cats he sees! He's one of my earliest TikTok follows.
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Can't decide if I want this guy to be my best friend or never let my cats meet him. It's unacceptable if any of my cats likes someone else more than me.

Eh, I think I'd chance it. Seems like a great person. This is the kind of thing the Internet was made for. Thanks for sharing!
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I'm pretty sure his sweat smells like Churu.
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I love this guy! For the longest time, I was convinced he was here in Seattle and kept trying to figure out what neighborhood because I'm nosy. Turns out he's actually in Tacoma, an hour south.
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Am I the only person getting an endless series of CAPTCHAs when I try to use the archive.ph link?
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Am I the only person getting an endless series of CAPTCHAs when I try to use the archive.ph link?

This is happening to me on Firefox. It works ok on Chrome.
It looks like .ph has a relaxed attitude to testing their site.
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This guy is lovely and his videos are super sweet. Thank you for sharing!

I especially liked one of his vids where he goes to pick up a cat after reading her body language as inviting it, then she almost bites him and he correctly interprets that as a hell no! but she sticks around and he keeps petting her, everything's good. She told him, he respected it, they got on with the nice bits. Really nice to see humans respecting feline boundaries. I bet mine wishes I would and never take him to the vet again :)
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