ESPN and Reality Based TV....together at last!!
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ESPN and Reality Based TV....together at last!! It's called Beg, Borrow and Deal, ESPN's new reality show. 2 Teams, 4 people each are dropped into Times Square with just the clothes on their back. They have to make their way to Alcatraz Island in 4 weeks. The catch? They must complete 10 of 40 challenges. These challenges range from difficult, (watch the Kentucky Derby from the infield and place a winning bet on the Kentucky Derby itself), to unbelievable (play horse vs an NBA player and win), to crazily impossible, (play 4 members of congress in a game of flag football in front of the Capital building in DC, one must be a senator).

To make matters worse, you're given no money or food or equipment. No contestant is allowed to touch any money during the game. They can only (ahem) beg, borrow and deal for favors from strangers or friends. Add to that, none of the sports teams or organizations know about the contest...

The Prize: Two tickets, all expenses paid, to four championship events of the next year.

I was skeptical at first, but man, what a great first episode. I haven't had this much fun since the original Survivor. It looks like the contestants had the time of their lives. It's like a super cross country sports scavenger hunt. Sign me up for next season!
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Dude, brevity is your friend. Think "headline." Discussion follows within.
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I think it sounds interesting, personally, and discovered that for us Canucks, TSN is airing the first episode on Monday, September 30th at 7:30pm.
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I know when pancakes smell.
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This was my first post to the front sue me. :)
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it does seem suspicious because this show seems to be into the viral marketing. this appears in the sidebar on the front page of the show's website:

TASK #41

The Viewer's Challenge!

Barnstorm the country with BB&D signs!

Do you have what it takes to beg, borrow and deal? We challenge you and your friends to draw BB&D signs using the sign post logo and beg, borrow and deal your way with your sign onto TV shows all across America. Send us digital pictures of your exploits and we will post the most creative submissions on this web site.

Email your photos here with the subject "BB&D Photo Submission"

Right. Who's going to do that?? Oh, I know: Suckers.
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I'm with gsteff. this reads like a press release. *fetches syrup*
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I actually work for a Press Secretary on Capital Hill...I guess it rubbed off on my post. Sorry folks...(and no, I don't work for ESPN.)
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I actually work for a Press Secretary on Capital Hill...

You're a Hill press secretary, and you misspell Capitol Hill?! Aieeee!! Just picking on you, gwong. Welcome! There's a pretty active friendly bunch of MeFites in the nation's capitol; be sure to say hello.

The show sounds pretty hilarious and entertaining, though I must admit I'm a sucker for Survivor and AI and the like. Too bad I missed tonight's premiere. I'm going to watch in hopes of seeing the game of Twister in a state governor's office.
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Err....rather our nation's CAPITAL. Haha.
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Oh embarrassing....

I'm realy good at speling, honestily.
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You'll have to excuse our jennak, she's still a little wigged out over this "jenna" thing, and I think it may have caused permanent damage, or at the very least awakened a nascent desire to transpose vowels.
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I watched the show. Kinda reminded me of MTV's Road Rules. ESPN should stick with what they do best and let the other networks do the reality shows.
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Interesting concept but I'm not that big of a sports fan to want to try getting on the show.

Sounds like a fun summer activity though
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I love you, Mr. Crash Davis. Really, I do.
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I'm confused about the phrase 'reality TV.' Aren't sports kind of reality TV in their own right?
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I remember seeing a similar show where they dropped the contestants without any money into the middle of Azerbaijan without a map. Two of the contestants spent a couple of nights in prison in Iran on some trumped up charge. Oh it was very funny.
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gwong, thanks for the post. I don't buy the "press release" argument, but you would do well to make the post itself shorter and save discussion for the "inside."
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sorry, gwong.
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Gwong: Thanks! Around here we are huuuuuge fans of Survivor and The Great Race. I've written the reairing dates down and fully intend to tape the show. ("Fully intend" means of course that there is every possibility I will screw-up/ forget.)
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How high do they drop them from?
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The messed up thing was i watched the commercial for the show and it turns out one of the guys (Josh) i know, he used to live in my house and went to Tufts U. I'm not really into reality TV, but i may be further put off by watching a pompous drama major bitch and moan (i had a bad enough time living w/ them).
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