This is why I love Naomi Kritzer
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The Year Without Sunshine is a new story by Naomi Kritzer. It's about what happens after the really big disaster. Kritzer is perhaps best known for Cat Pictures Please, but her other works have been lauded on MetaFilter previously (previously; previously; previously - So Much Cooking; previously - Better Living Through Algorithms, plus her election guide); previously - Paradox; previously; all the previouslies).
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I discovered this because John Scalzi announced on his blog that he's writing a film column for Uncanny Magazine, and I noticed Kritzer's name on the cover. I have not actually read his film column yet, but I enjoy his film writing and I bet it's good. But thank you, John, for inadvertently pointing me to this story!
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Starts a bit real.
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Goddamit it is dusty in here.
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"So Much Cooking" had me really giving the backyard rabbits the squint eye when I read it in April 2020.
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This is the kind of apocalyptic story I like. It feels much more reflective of what people would do in a collapse(or maybe that I fervently hope they'd do.) Some assholes, some jerks and a lot of very worried people trying to help each other out.

(Plus "Cat Pictures Please" is just a lovely bite of something pleasant)
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Really great, uplifting, read. I really needed it today. Many thanks.
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Much gentler than Earthseed.
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Naomi Kritzer, Queen Of The Cozy Apocalypse.
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This is the perfect response to the thesis in this post. I pretty much agree with Charlie Stross there, and this is just what we need to counterbalance those ideas. Thanks for posting.
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That was such a beautiful story. I'd like to think my neighbors and neighborhood would be like that, even if I *do* live in the Evil Suburbs. ;)
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That was fantastic.
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*LOVED* "Cat Pictures Please" as a logical representation of AI! Bought the book, started reading it aloud to my lovely wife :-D
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I would really like all the so-called 'preppers' who have hung around here over the years to read this. Community is preparedness, caring for each other makes us better humans. It's impot.
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As a personal aside, Naomi Kritzer was one of the first writers I met when I was starting out in science fiction. She was generous and kind to me when I knew almost nothing, and we've been friends since. I've been delighted seeing her star rise in the field over the years. She deserves every good thing.
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Such a good story...
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I hope there are scholars appreciating and analyzing the body of work Kritzer is writing that, together, sketches out how ordinary neighbors and friends can take the tools we already have to make better worlds.

“Because I want to live somewhere that people take care of each other,” he said, his voice cracking.

Sitting here with tears on my face.
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Oh my god people Naomi Kritzer has an A03 account (some of you already knew that) and this This American Life fic she wrote is just fabulous.

Maybe I'll just start posting one every day to the blue. The world needs more Naomi Kritzer.
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This was fantastic, I was on the verge of tears for most of this.

I learned recently that this genre is called hopepunk and I love that it exists. :)
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also irl mutual aid in war time
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