Arctic Entries: building community, one story at a time
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Arctic Entries gives 7 people 7 minutes each to tell a story.

Arctic Entries is an all-volunteer organization that hosts live storytelling events (and raises money for local community organizations.) It's a lot like The Moth, but Alaskan. If you listen, please note that stories might include intense content, because they are true, dramatic, and personal. Swears are bleeped for radio, because this often gets broadcast via Alaska Public Media.

You can listen to their archives here, or take in some of the stories that have been posted to YouTube. For example:

A robbery and kidnapping
Why you should make sure your bear spray has a safety on it
Moose emergency
Way to make an entrance

...and many more, over 14 seasons and counting.
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thanks for posting, these are fun!
posted by winesong at 8:00 AM on November 17

Bear guy is a master of understated delivery.
posted by We put our faith in Blast Hardcheese at 8:45 AM on November 17

Oh, hey! Anchorage resident, and I go to these when I can. They *are* fun and are such a neat community thing in person. Nice to see them on the front page.
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