Taylor Swift Mourns Fan Who Died Before Brazil Concert
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“I can’t believe I’m writing these words but it is with a shattered heart that I say we lost a fan earlier tonight before my show,” Swift wrote in a handwritten statement Swift’s show coincided with a heat wave in Brazil, with Folha reporting that the “feels-like” temperature on site was 140°F. Firefighters unofficially recorded one thousand people fainting at the show, according to Folha.
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The security/safety team at the venue really fucked up. According to fans there were crates of water but they were either refusing to give them out or weren't doing their job.

There's video of Taylor getting the crowd to chant for water so security would give it to them, and handing out water herself. I'm not surprised she's upset, it must be so frustrating to know people are coming to see you and ending up in dangerous circumstances beyond your control.

I've also seen people on Twitter reporting that the venue was covering up air vents and closing doors to stop fans trying to see inside and watch for free, making the air flow even worse within the stadium. Absolutely reckless and inhumane. Capitalism once again putting profit before human lives.
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I'm not sure there's any safe way to have stadium full of screaming dancing fans in those conditions. Heat stroke is highly likely for healthy individuals at that heat index.
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That stadium shouldn't have been so hot and there should have been free water everywhere. It's not even summer yet in Brazil, and the heat index is off the charts. Even discounting the rumors that the doors & vents were blocked to avoid freeloaders, this heatwave is historic and BAD.

from the AP:
The heat index — a combination of temperature and humidity — hit 58.5 degrees Celsius (137 Fahrenheit) Tuesday morning in Rio, the highest index ever recorded there. Actual temperatures dropped slightly on Wednesday, but were forecast to rise again to 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) on Thursday.

I wonder if this will get Taylor thinking more about climate change. It's been a bit of a meme in climate comms spaces that if only taylor swift and taylor swift fans cared about climate action, massive progress would follow- she's so all powerful and beloved, if she cared about climate change and said so, then naturally massive climate progress would follow. This thread isn't the best example, but it's one of the more recent big ones pandering to her fandom

There was another, more heartless meme going around at the beginning of the travis kelce affair guessing that taylor swift went to the jets game to bury google results about emissions from her own private jet.

What we have learned here is that i know way too much about taylor swift memes and that climate change is here and terrifying. my sympathies to the family and friends of this person, and to the rest of the planet.
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I've tooted this horn a few times since it first caught my attention this summer, but this is an excellent data source to see, quantitatively, how unprecedented this year's heat is: Worldwide Daily 2 Meter Air Temperature.

On 2023-11-17, the deviation from their worldwide climatology norm was 1.3C. And keep in mind their norm is based on data only from 1979-2000, which is already about 0.5C higher than the "pre-industrialization" reference used for things like the Paris Agreement.

So in other words, yesterday we were already past the 1.5C point! Now, to be fair, this would have to go on for enough time to be confirmed as not just a temporary deviation. I believe the official recognition standard would be three years of average +1.5C over pre-industrial.

Which is another way of saying, it will already have been happening for three years before it publicly gets admitted that it's happened. Sigh.
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The stadium where the Brazilian show was held banned fans from bringing water bottles.

Come on, Taylor. Don't play at arenas unwilling to bend on rules like that during heat waves.
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She postponed her other date in Rio, so it looks like she's not willing to risk it again. I can only imagine how much insurance red tape had to be cut to do that.
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Twitter thread whose start is currently at 3.2 million views from a Brazilian observer who makes a variety of claims with links to reports in Portugese:

The venue intentionally shut the air vents to block the view from outside.

Additional reports are surfacing about the venue closing its vents. One concertgoer attempted to leave due to the heat but faced difficulty finding an exit, as several emergency exits were blocked to prevent people from outside seeing the show.

Taylor issued a statement claiming Ana Clara passed away *before* the concert. However, local news reports Ana Clara fainted during the song "Cruel Summer," was revived on-site, and later succumbed to her condition in the hospital.

The stadium grass was covered with a metallic surface, making the intense heat even worse.

Upon entering the postponed concert, a girl fell onto the hot metallic sheets covering the stadium grass, resulting in burns to her legs. She reported Taylor's security expressing concern as more people experienced burns. She alleges medical staff refused to provide assistance.

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