Badoraito o itadakimasu.
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"When the elevator dings open on the ninth floor of a high-rise in drab West Shinjuku, Tokyo, I don’t know quite what to expect. As the doors to the lift shut behind me, I find myself standing on a rickety outdoor staircase—solo—in the pitch black, fumbling for the handle to a heavy, lacquered wooden door. If this were a fairy tale, I think, I’d be in trouble." Modern Alchemy at Tokyo’s Most Radical Bar. Meet Hiroyasu Kayama bartender extraordinaire of Ben Fiddich in Tokyo. His 'Award-winning alchemical delights' are simply amazing. Take a look. (slyt)

small content warning: some alcohol and sex.
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It's all about the packaging...
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A little surprised that I see Fever Tree tonic being poured into one of those, I can buy that down the street. Regardless, much respect for the craft here. Those drinks look fantastic.

Edit: wait, hold up. Ketel One? What?
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The carbonation method has to be his albatross. But I love that he's growing his own botanicals. Farm-to-shaker.
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We went a few years ago when we in Japan. It was pretty amazing, the only bar that topped it was Bar Orchard. But the atmosphere and vibe of Ben Fiddich are amazing. We got there just as they opened so thankfully didn't have a wait, but it truly is magical.
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If this maestro uses Fever Tree, it just reinforces the fact that I should be using it at home. I have made my own tonic syrup, and it was good, but not worth the trouble. Fever Tree tonic water is solid.
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Oh my, changaa … one of the most memorable yet least-well-advised evenings of drinking involved a small quantity of changaa smuggled into the UK. I honestly felt like my teeth were melting
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Such an amazing bar; I've been three times. It's a treasure.
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