When Fantasia Meets Documentary
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Continuing on with his line of documentaries on the history of the Disney parks and their operations, Kevin Perjurer of Defunctland (previously) has released an ambitious new piece - a history of the tumultuous history of EPCOT Center from Walt's death to the park's opening, done through a synesthesic presentation built on music, visuals, and historical footage. (SLYT)

There's a virtual historical companion booklet here, as well as a sensory guide for people sensitive to stimuli here.
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Literally watching this as you posted it. It's well and far beyond what is normally expected for a YouTube documentary. I recommend watching it just to see how much it's pushed the craft, but also because it's fascinating information presented in a really great way.
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Man, that just seamlessly integrated modern video technology with period zeitgeist. That was more magic than most things Disney the past several decades. Well done.

EPCOT is/was also known by the people who worked there as "Experimental Polyester Costumes of Tomorrow," or alternatively "Every Paycheck Comes on Thursday." Been a couple decades since I lived in the area so can't say what new snark employees may have come up with since last century.
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"Every Parent Comes Out Tired" and "Every Parent Carries Out Toddlers" are ones I've heard.
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Disney's business is not the production of happiness, but only its redistribution.
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I got excited when I saw it was a new Defunctland documentary. However, this was not, in my opinion, a documentary. This was a film and music presentation that had loads of style but I sorely missed the usual Defunctland informative narration.

Even though I know the narration wasn't going to start, I felt like I was stuck watching an intro to a documentary and I kept anticipating the narration would start soon.

I know this was a labor of love for Defunctland and its team, but I miss their usual documentary format and found this kind of annoying to watch.
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What Fleebnork said. A bit too much style for my taste. Gave up when heavyhanded music played over simple title cards for way too long.
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Thank you for posting this. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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