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Carsized: Compare the sizes of different cars from different angles

This website provides simple means to compare car dimensions and design from a street perspective side-by-side for many current and old models
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A neat tool, but a bit limited in the range of vehicles.
A couple that tickled my fancy:
Current Mustang Coupe vs 1936 Ford Coupe
One for the MeFi crowd ;-)
1957 vs 2009 convertible
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I am offended that they have the Suzuki Igner, but not the Alto.

Wow, They don't have any Holdens.
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That’s OK, they don’t have many other extinct brands either ;-)
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This was surprisingly timely for me, since I was trying to explain to my son why it's so much easier to park a Ford Fiesta than a Ford F150.
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Wow, They don't have any Holdens.

The Captiva is listed under Chevrolet, so that's one at least.
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I wish they compared interior dimensions. Everyone considering an SUV should look at the car that shares the same platform. The comparison often shows that the SUV has less interior space than the car, at least in some dimensions. For instance, this site shows that the Honda HRV, which is a jacked Fit/Jazz, has 7.5 cm more ground clearance and 5.5 cm more height. So the HRV’s body has lost 2.5 cm of height, even if it rides higher.

On Car & Driver, you can see that while front headroom is largely similar, the HRV steals 7.5 cm of legroom from the Fit/Jazz front passenger compartment in order to meet SUV ground clearance and squeeze in an AWD system. Rear passengers also have less space.
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They have the Elantra, but not the GT. Hard pass.
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Oh I wish I had this last week. I just got a new car and looked at like 8 websites to verify dimensions and that the new car wasn't any longer (so it'd fit in my garage). It looks much bigger because it is taller (SUV vs sedan) but same length and more or less same width.

I found this FAQ subtle and interesting: "Why is a vehicle appearing shorter when it is actually longer? ... The shape of the vehicle plays a key role with modern vehicles (being rounded) appearing shorter compared to classic vehicles."
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I find it often has "Euro" models as opposed to North American/Japanese. For example, it has no Prius V, but does have a Prius Plus (which is the NA Prius V, but as a minivan instead of a hatchback/station wagon).
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Looks like it’s a German site based on photos of cars taken on the street. If a car isn’t sold in Germany, or they haven’t come across it, someone has to send them usable pictures for it to be added.
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Ah, they have my Buick Regal TourX under Opel Insignia (manufacturer) which is also a Holden Commodore. FWIW
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'76 Cadillac Eldorado vs '20 Cadillac Escalade LWB
'77 Lincoln Continental Coupe vs '17 Lincoln Navigator

I'm surprised they don't have more pictures of old sports cars.
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'77 Lincoln Continental Coupe vs '17 Lincoln Navigator

I wish the "weight" field for the coupe wasn't blank. (Honestly, I am amazed to find something longer than a Suburban that doesn't have a Dalmatian riding on it.)
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We hear all this crap in the media about how the average car price has gone north of $50K and people can no longer afford them. Sloppy reporting. Perhaps we just bought into the hype for larger and larger vehicles. The Ford F150 truck is the most popular vehicle. It is not a car and has grown tremendously in size over the years. No wonder they are so expensive. On the other hand, a Honda Accord, which I thinks once held the title of most popular vehicle, can still be had for somewhere in the twenty thousands.
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came in here wanting to complain about it being useless if it doesn't have the trabant, but well look at that it does have the trabant!
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Well, "somewhere in the 20 thousands" is a bit of a mathematical illusion. The current lowest most base level trim 2024 Honda Accord is MSRP at $28,990 (although good luck finding one at that trim level).

The same trim level on a 2021 Accord came in at an MSRP of $24,770. That $5220 increase represents roughly a 17% increase over three inflationary years.

It is true the base spec F-150 has increased faster over the same period, about 24% for the XL ($30,895 to $38,500), although again almost no one but fleets buys the bottom spec and they're impossible to find on new car dealer lots.

Anyway 24% is well ahead of baseline US inflation at 14% or so over the same period, 17% a little closer. But the other factor that has really driven new cars out of affordable range has been the substantial increase in interest rates over that period, which affects all sorts of vehicles but falls disproportionately as a burden on lower income buyers, who also tend to pay higher rates, of course.

And the constricted supply has meant huge increases in the used car market, especially for the late model commuter and family vehicles that used to represent a reliable alternative and a substantial savings over new, but now have barely depreciated at 2-3 years old and 30-50k miles. Not to mention that interest rates are even worse on used cars.

So it's not like there are still cheap cars and no one is choosing to buy them. The whole market has gotten much more hostile to buyers.
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We hear all this crap in the media about how the average car price has gone north of $50K and people can no longer afford them. Sloppy reporting. Perhaps we just bought into the hype for larger and larger vehicles.
The majority of new-car buyers live in high income households.

The fact is, the bottom 50% or so of households generally buy used. So cars get larger, more luxurious, and more expensive, in order to cater to the people who buy new cars.

The preferences of your average American do not matter very much because your average American will never buy a brand new car.
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Interesting. We might be looking at leasing a Cupra Born next year as a number of factors (government incentives, the children’s age, the ability to sell my old Saab and not take a bath on it) are in the goldilocks zone at present, and I wanted to demonstrate to my spouse that not only was it just as big as a Golf, but also bigger than her old Focus, and not really that much smaller than the big dumb but practical Kia we got when the twins were born and we couldn’t fit a twin pram into our extant cars.

I really wanted to get a comparison against a final-era Commodore, but unfortunately there’s no Holdens, and no option to pick either a Chevrolet SS or a Pontiac G8. No Falcons, either.
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I kind of knew this already, but it's still amusing that my car looks like something that an F150 gave birth to.
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(Squinty Hemsworth face) Is it though?
No, it's not, but the last version of the Commodore shares most of its design with the Opel. They look much the same, but are very different cars. Things go full circle - the very first Commodore in 1978 was also an Opel design, but with Holden running gear and significant strengthening of the body to suit Australian conditions. The Opels they originally brought to Australia for testing (with a plan of building exactly the same car here) broke in half when driven on outback roads.
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Is it though?

Eh. It was for the years that GM kept selling Holdens after shutting down Australian production.
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This $10,000 pick-up will never see the USA, pretty sure.
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Oh cool, now I can simulate making left turns out of my neighborhood. Thanks, the internet.
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tired: driving small cars
wired: driving small cars made of plastinated cardboard.

i've long accepted that i'm probably too lazy to ever actually buy a trabant, though i have heard they are surprisingly cheap for being fine vintage east german engineering and that it's not all that hard to get one even in north america. but i just now realized i'm not too lazy to get a bumper sticker printed up reading "my other car is a trabant."

if i were to get a trabant i'd paint it orange with the soviet flag on top and call it the marshal zhukov
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Nice web site! Cool to see differences between eu and na markets.

For example, the CRV costs 54k EUR in Germany?!
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This $10,000 pick-up will never see the USA, pretty sure.

It would be interesting to see crash ratings but I'd buy the crap out of that truck at 150% of the price. We can buy imports after 15 years in Canada, I should mark my calendar.

1957 vs 2009 convertible

That's not really a fair comparison. The Fairlane was a full size car and the continental kit wasn't factory. The 64 Mustang Vert was both shorter and narrower than the 2009 - surprisingly one by a couple inches.
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