Audio // Visual Mashup - Eminem x ELO via 105 movies
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"Lose Yourself" - Eminem x ELO supercut (YT, NSFW in flashes) Jonathan Keogh is known for his hyperkinetic supercuts, & now works as video editor at The Criterion Collection. William Maranci does fun & sometimes-cursed mashups. What happens when you combine the combinations?
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Go Lions!

(heh, this is great)
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The music mashup is okay, I guess. The visuals do nothing for me - they cut so quickly that nothing registers. Recognize that others may feel otherwise, of course.
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That's mindblowing, and I can't really fathom being 'eh' about it. every movement flows into every other movement, i can't imagine the level of craft and effort that went into it.
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FWIW there's a list of sources at 207 seconds that I noticed only when following up to ID what I could. I was happy with one very quick ID, but after two viewings, I'd only noted ~20%! I'd seen many more though--fun puzzle.
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The music mashup did no service to either song, but I liked all the images. It looks like I have about ninety movies to catch up on.
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A few of the clips are body horror-adjacent—is there anything in this montage that you wouldn’t be able to unsee?
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This is absolutely fantastic. mashups aren't perfect, I don't think they're supposed to be but this one was exceptionally well especially on the video editing. I can see how some people might think it's too much or object to the content matter but I loved it.

I agree that both songs together kind of sort of negate another but still provide a good beat.
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Now re-cut this into the finale of Babylon.
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This is delightful; I'd heard the mashup before independently and think it's quite fun, but this hyper montage treatment feels like it fits that weird synthesis of self-serious anthemic rap with the inherent silliness of the ELO song and the take-a-step-back goofy over the top nature of the whole rap battle concept. Converting the whole thing into an incoherent dance party punctuated by cartoon violence feels pretty on the money. Slick as hell editing in any case.
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I’d say the ELO song did more for Eminem than he did for ELO. It’s bouncy and and works if you don’t pay attention to the actual meaning.

But that video lefty like a random pile of clips and didn’t have a discernable story to it. Thumbs down.
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