Artificial roosts for endangered shorebirds
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How oyster shells, foam and zip ties are offering a critical life raft for declining shorebird populations. Sea rangers hope an artificial floating roost made from oyster farm pillows will help provide vital habitat for endangered shorebirds.
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This is a neat idea, and I hope it works out! I read the article linked within the article about the limited initial success of these rafts in other locations in Australia compared to the big success in Korea, and it makes sense that birds would go for natural roosts if they're still available. I also imagine that any successfully roosting birds may return in future years, so low initial usage might increase gradually over time.
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This is very cool. I was wondering if anyone else could help with identification of the birds in the pictures, since it's not listed - I can get the Red-capped Plovers easily enough, but the other birds are beyond my abilities - Godwits or Curlews maybe?
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