Здорово! ser la leche! macizo! ヤバイ! knorke!
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untranslatable.co is a searchable database of slang from nearly 100 languages.
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Nice! This is very much my thing (or, as I see just now that they say in Italian, this is in my ropes).
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I f---ing love ヤバイ"YABAI!" (danger!)

You can say it when looking at your empty wallet / ATM balance slip, in amazement of something (yaBEH!), and as a general 'yikes!' (yabba-so!) etc. A+
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Ooh, this is fun!

Several of the English translations of the German example sentences are breaking my brain a bit. The words are correct but they're in German structure, not English. It's very interesting to see my brain's reaction to having the intermediate stage it runs through when reading German spelled out on the screen.
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Great site, thanks! Like I like to say, "not my bolus, not my gastric band." Or even better, "where we're going, we won't need directions." I'm sure you know what I mean.
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darmok and jalad at tanagra

It seems we don't have any submissions matching your criteria. Yet.
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oooh, useful! thanks for posting!
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shared with friends! one of my friends is such a go-getter, they're determined to be functional in French and Spanish and recently took up learning to write Arabic. They mentioned the type of Arabic they're learning, it's the 'standard' kind used in e.g. journalism etc? I am pretty sure they passed the 70 years threshold and going so strong, what an inspiration to everyone in their life. I know they'll love this resource.
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I'm using Firefox on a Windows PC, and the site is barely useable. I've had to use "view source" to do things like browse by language or see the latest entries.

Anyway, once I figured that out, it was interesting to putter around. Though when I checked the Icelandic and Finnish entries, I found both to be oddly staid. There's not much there, to begin with, and they're decades-old slang, or not really slang at all.

I like the idea of the site, though, and I hope it'll take off because it has the potential to be an incredible resource.
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Kattullus, you can just type in the name of a language into the searchbar to get those entries. Works on Firefox. But yeah, I think there are some areas that don't seem to work, like clicking on the links in the stats page.
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Oh, you're right! Search worked fine both with Finnish and Icelandic.

I tried that with French, and the first two results were from Brazilian Portuguese and had no obvious connection to French, so I assumed the search function was busted or counterintuitive in some way I couldn't fathom. But scrolling further down gives me nothing but entries in French. So I'll just assume that I stumbled on some odd bug in my first search

I feel bad for having been down on unstranlateable.co in my first comment, because essentially the way this site could be everything it should be, is if people got excited about it and submit more entries. So my grumpiness, as is often the case, was doubly pointless.

Anyway, as penance I'll try to think of some really good Icelandic slang words in the next few days and submit them as entries.
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Anyway, once I figured that out, it was interesting to putter around. Though when I checked the Icelandic and Finnish entries, I found both to be oddly staid. There's not much there, to begin with, and they're decades-old slang, or not really slang at all.

Indeed, the Finnish entry "tietokone" is simply the official word for "computer".
(Here in English Canada, most Finns I've known just call it a "kompuutteri", but that's more in the realm of Finglish than slang as such.)
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oh yeah Japanese yabai basically just means "oh man"

it's a very useful term to have in both languages
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My favorite slang I use every day from a language I don't really speak is よし. Which I use when I point-and-call my coffee machine in the morning after an unfortunate cupless button-push a while back. A friend asked me what it meant and I told them it was Japanese for, "Ya man."
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honestly yoshi isn't even really slang, so much as just a common expression! For point-and-call it's akin to saying "check" in English, though there's a bunch of other ways you could use it too, akin to how English people might start an utterance with "Right,"
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Mod note: Cf azi? Oh, just adding this post to the sidebar and Best Of blog!
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This is a fun site. I had a good laugh at one of the Canadian English words - flow, referring to a hair style. In my day we called it, in English, Hockey Hair or in French the Longueil (which to be fair is more like a mullet than hockey hair).
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It's funny, because in an ancient dictionary I once found the word "Darb" described as a dull-witted fellow in Canadian slang, which totally does not match anything I see on the internets now.
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