Whatt icc wolde nū don, an forrþward wiþþ Godd
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A bardcore take on Kate Bush's legendary track, here is "Running Up That Hill" in Early Middle English (credits to the many collaborators for that track in the yt description).
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Gatif ich Wuthering Heights!
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Sounds like Frisian.
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In other bardcore news, Brandon Acker covers Polyphia's "Playing God" on lute, and here is a great vid of Brandon discussing his absolutely ludicrously sized theorbo (14-string, nearly six foot long lute) with Rob Scallon.
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Reminds me a little of the far sillier "Beowulf Meets Godsylla."
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love bardcore, just listened to 'Crazy Train" by Algal the bard
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I believe this came up in the last Kate Bush thread, but a fun fact is that Ms. Bush owns every shred of the rights to that song, both the writing and the recording, and she totally and solely controls licensing. She is getting fucking paid with its resurgence.
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