This is one of the best Blake's 7 fan fictions that I've ever read
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This is one of the best Blake's 7 fan fictions that I've ever read. Rojer by x_los. Summary: Taking down the Federation might actually be easier than sorting out what's going on with Rojer's parents.
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I started reading it and I'm impressed at how the writer has nailed Avon's tone so quickly. I'll read more later but I'm having trouble remembering what happened in the series since it's been several decades for me. Thanks for sharing.
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Blake's 7 was actually how I discovered fanfic existed! Way way back at Constellation (Worldcon '83), I had a day pass and spent some time in the dealer's room, and at one table there was a manually bound manuscript, and the dealer explained to me that it was (probably not using those words) a fixit fic for the end of Blake's 7, where the massacre turned out to be something of a fake setup by the bad guys but Avon believed it. I did not buy it, but I wish I knew someone who was oldschool B7, who could suggest which story it was. There can't have been that many book length B7 fanfics in 1983, right?
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Thanks for this - it really hit the tone and characterisation of the series.
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