"Weird ancient tree from before dinosaurs found in Canadian quarry"
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From the CBC article: "What it really does look like is one of those truffula trees from The Lorax," said Olivia King, one of the researchers that discovered the fossil. She referred to a famous children's picture book by Dr. Seuss that features fantastic, colourful trees decimated to produce clothing called "thneeds."
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Good article.
Mad props to the Paleolithic.
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"An image from the study shows the tree heights of different fossil plants found before, during and after Sandfordiacaulis."

Note that the humans are for scale, not historical accuracy.
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Humans had scales back then?
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The lizard people walk among us today...
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Still not as old as sharks. (From a meme about how old sharks are--fossils dating back 450 million years--older than trees, older than Saturn's rings, etc).

Still, it is mind boggling to think that we can recreate the (weird) shape of a tree that existed 350 million years ago.
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The very first sharks were different enough from today's that you might not recognize them as sharks if you saw one. Pelagic apex predator was not their niche until a long time after they emerged.
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Very cool; thank you for posting this.
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Pelagic apex predator

gotta run, time to start a new band!!!

srsly, so cool. I love trees, especially weird old ones!
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I don't know if humans had scales, maybe triple beams.

but I have to admit the lorlax would make a interesting garnish for a g&t.
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Wait, when were dinosaurs found in Canadian quarry? Long enough ago for things from before then to be ancient??
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